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10 Top-Rated Attractions and Things to Do in Alexandria

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In this post, you’ll find the 8 Top-rated attractions and things to do in Alexandria. Alexandria, the Mediterranean’s bride, has a wealth of things to see and do. Alexander the Great established it. Queen Cleopatra was the ruler. There are a lot of well-known names in Alexandria’s early history. This sparkling gem of a city on the Mediterranean was home to the Great Library of Alexandria and the massive Pharos Lighthouse, one of the ancient world’s seven wonders.

In more recent times, from the late 19th century to the 1950s, Alexandria was a bohemian tourist destination, with a glittering cast of writers, poets, and painters who made the city their home. Despite the fact that, unlike Cairo and Luxor, Alexandria offers few authentic historical ruins and activities, it is one of the best destinations in Egypt to visit for catching a feeling of past grandeur. Our selection of the greatest Alexandria attractions and activities to do will assist you in planning your trip.

Top-Rated Attractions in Alexandria

  • Pompey’s Pillar
    The pillar is considered the largest ancient monument in Alexandria. It is rising from the ruins of the ancient and famous secretion(temple of Serapis). This column of red Aswan granite with a Corinthian capital, standing on a badly ruined substructure and rising to a height of almost 28m. It was set up in 292 A.D in honor of emperor Diocletian, who supplied food for the starving population after the siege of the city. Written on the base of this column a Greek text says: Posthumous, governor of Alex, erected this column as gratitude for the very fair emperor Diocletian.The crusades […]
  • The Qaitbay’s Fort
    The Qaitbay Fort in Alexandria is considered one of the most important defensive strongholds, not only in Egypt but also along the Mediterranean seacoast. It formulated an important part of the fortification system of Alex in the 15th century A.D. About 1480 A.D, The Mameluk Sultan Al-Ashraf Qaitbay fortified the place as part of his coastal defensive edifices against the Turks, who were threatening Egypt at that time. He built the castle and placed a mosque inside it. The citadel continued to function during most of the Mameluke period, the Ottoman period, and the modern period. But after the British […]
  • The Catacombs of Kom Esh-Shokafa
    Between the ancient settlements of Karmuz and Minia el-Bassal is the rocky plateau of Kom Esh-Shogafa. The town and fishing port of Rhakotis, Alexandria’s oldest neighborhood that predates Alexander the Great, was located here. This is currently one of Alexandria’s most heavily inhabited areas, and it is here that the first catacombs were found. The region was utilized to protect the city by Mohammad Ali Pasha, and it was demolished in 1850. Kom Esh-ShoKafa excavations began in 1892, but no catacombs were discovered until Friday, September 28th, 1900. The tale goes that a donkey hauling a cart fell through a […]
  • El-Mursi Abul-Abbas Mosque
    The El-Mursi Abul-Abbas Mosque in Alexandria is a well-known mosque devoted to the Alexandrine Sufi saint el-Mursi Abul Abbas. El-Morsy Abul-Abbas Mosque was erected in 1775 by Algerian Sheikh Abu-El-Hassan El-Maghraby over the tomb of Ahmed Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi (Abu’l ‘Abbas), a 13th-century Andalusian scholar who joined and subsequently led the Shadhali brotherhood as a devout Sufi. He was born in the year 1219 in Murcia, Spain. He arrived in Alexandria to teach Islamic theology at the El Attarin Mosque. In 1287, he died and was buried where the mosque currently stands. The mosque was renovated several times, the most […]
  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Library)
    The contemporary re-imagining of Alexandria’s historic Great Library is the first stop for most tourists to Alexandria. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is the city’s cultural hub and one of Egypt’s most prominent modern landmarks. It has one of the most ambitious libraries in the contemporary world, as well as a number of museums dedicated to Alexandria’s history and legacy. Its design is based on a massive sun disk that sits above the seaside Corniche. The main library and its reading room can house eight million books on the inside. The wonderfully organized exhibition rooms beneath the main library, however, are the […]
  • Roman Amphitheater at Kom el-Dikka
    Nobody gave much consideration to the old debris pile in central Alexandria until it was decided to remove the land in the 1960s to make room for new homes. As construction began, the Kom el-Dikka (“Mound of Rubbles”) region uncovered a slew of ancient ruins buried underground, including a tiny Roman theater. Today, the site is a tiny archaeological park with relics from Alexandria’s Greco-Roman era. There are also ruins of a Ptolemaic temple, Roman baths, and several Roman-era villas, in addition to the theater. Excavation work on the Villa of the Birds here uncovered well-preserved 3rd-century mosaic floors that […]
  • Alexandria National Museum
    The National Museum of Alexandria, originally a palace, functioned as a gathering place for Alexandria’s royalty and merchant class hierarchy. The museum is divided into three levels: the basement houses Pharaonic artifacts, the ground floor houses Graeco-Roman treasures, and the first-floor houses relics from Egypt’s Coptic Christian and Islamic heritage, as well as some insight into the valuables left behind by King Farouk’s family prior to the 1952 revolution. The structure is an Italian-style palace erected in 1928; and It is clearly recognized as being built in 1928 by Assad Basili Pasha, a wealthy businessman. There are currently 1800 items […]
  • The Royal Jewelry Museum
    The Jewellery Museum is a two-story home that belonged to Princess Fatma Al-Zahraa, an Egyptian Royal family member, and was decorated to her liking in 1920. With burgundy plush, deep carpets, and carved, gilded ceilings, an entryway is a magnificent event. A small flight of marble steps leads to the first level from here. The walls are adorned with portraits of all the royal descendants of the Mohamed Ali Dynasty (along with a brief description). With the exception of her obvious outstanding sense in home decorating, little is known about Princess Fatma’s life and background. The rooms on both floors […]

Top-Rated Things to do in Alexandria

When it comes to things to do and sightseeing tours, Egypt’s second capital city has a lot to offer. Visitors frequently travel from Cairo to Alexandria in one or two days to see all of the sights listed above and to get a taste of the Mediterranean and the fresh air of the shore.

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