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Aswan High Dam

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The Aswan High Dam is the largest Egyptian dam designed to regulate the Nile River’s flooding. It has a base thickness of 980 meters and a top thickness of 40 meters. The dam’s reservoir (Lake Nasser) has an average capacity of 135 billion cubic meters and a maximum capacity of 157 billion cubic meters. The dam provided tremendous advantages to Egypt, allowing the country to have reliable energy and increasing the quantity of agricultural land available.

The yearly Nile flood, which nourished farmer fields with rich silt deposits, came to a stop, and the building of Lake Nasser (the world’s biggest manmade lake) swept off most of Upper Egypt’s enormous legacy as the waters rose.

A four-lane highway runs over the dam’s crest, where a triumphal arch and an inscription commemorating the dam’s completion and Egypt’s and the Soviet Union’s collaboration in its construction. Day excursions to Abu Simbel sometimes include visits to the Aswan High Dam, or you may easily rent a cab to go there.

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