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5 Best Trips from Cairo

April 19, 2022
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Cairo, Egypt’s capital and most historical city, also has the country’s major and largest international airport. As a result, the city receives the greatest number of tourists, and most Egypt tour packages begin in Cairo. A large number of travelers schedule their whole stay in Cairo and then organize day visits to other cities and attractions from there. One of them maybe you, arranging the greatest excursions from Cairo. We’ve included the best trips from Cairo in this post, and we’ve made sure to include all of the fun things to do from Cairo to other cities and locations.

1. Day Trip from Cairo to Alexandria

Day Trip from Cairo to Alexandria
Day Trip from Cairo to Alexandria

Alexandria, Egypt’s second-biggest city, served as the country’s capital for approximately 1,000 years in the past. Remains of Greek and Roman civilizations can be discovered in landmarks and historic places in the Mediterranean Sea. The Roman amphitheater, Pompey’s pillar, the catacombs, Faros Island, the stronghold of Qaytbay, the mosque of Abulabaas, the library, and many more noteworthy sights are all worth visiting on a day excursion from Cairo to Alexandria. It takes around 3 hours to get from Cairo to Alexandria. Seafood lunch in Alexandria is a fantastic choice that should not be overlooked.

2. Day trip to Wadi El Hitan from Cairo

Day Trip from Cairo to Wadi El Hitan
Day Trip from Cairo to Wadi El Hitan

A day excursion to El Fayoum oasis and Wadi El Hitan is a great opportunity to get out of the city and get away from the congestion. El Fayoum, also known as Egypt’s Flower Garden, is a depression in Egypt’s western Sahara desert. It is connected to the Nile River by the Bahr Youssif, a historical branch of the Nile that supplies fresh water to the region. El Fayoum is home to Egypt’s biggest natural lake, as well as a number of lesser lakes. El Fayoum’s dynamic waterwheels, Wadi El Rayan waterfalls, and stunning desert and natural landscape have made it a popular tourist destination. From Cairo, it takes around an hour to reach El Fayoum. Wadi El Hitan contains fossilized whales and aquatic species dating back at least 40 million years. It is unquestionably a fantastic spot to spend a day.

3. One Night Camping Trip to the White Desert from Cairo

One night camping trip to the white desert from Cairo
2 days trip from Cairo to the White Desert

A camping excursion to the white desert at Farafra Oasis is one of the finest getaways from Cairo. The journey from Cairo to Bahariya oasis takes around 4 hours, followed by an off-road adventure through the White Desert, Black Desert, Crystal Mountains, and other delights of this incredible region. Among all Egypt tours and excursions, a one-night camping trip in the white desert is unquestionably the most unique.

4. Day Trip To Luxor Attractions From Cairo

Day Trip to Luxor Attractions from Cairo
Day Trip to Luxor Attractions from Cairo

Luxor is without a doubt one of Egypt’s must-see towns, with several historic structures such as the Karnak Temple Complex, Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, and numerous more ancient wonders. It is worthwhile to take a day excursion from Cairo to Luxor. Luxor is around 670 kilometers south of Cairo and takes about an hour to get there by plane. Booking an early morning flight to Luxor allows you to see the key attractions in one day and return to Cairo the same night.

5. Day Trip to the Famous Pyramids of Egypt

Day Trip to the Famous pyramids of Egypt from Cairo
Day Trip to the famous pyramids of Egypt from Cairo

Egypt’s Pyramids are the world’s most renowned ancient attraction. The Great Pyramid of King Khufu is the only one of the ancient world’s wonders that has survived. A must-do choice is exploring the Giza pyramid complex, the Great Sphinx, the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, and the ancient city of Memphis on a day trip to the Pyramids of Egypt.

Best Trips from Cairo

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